Det går fint å bo på Landås i Bergen uten bil, i følge Marie Vander Kloet. Familien kjøpte en Yuba Boda Boda når de flyttet til Bergen fra Canada.


We moved to Bergen in May from Canada and are very happy with our new Boda Boda. We decided we will not have a car anymore and instead use bike, walking, public transit and carshare to get around. But, we really wanted a bike that will help us get groceries, take our kid along for errands and activities and manage the big hills in our new neighbourhood (Landås). This bike is perfect for shopping, getting around the city and bringing a kid along. Anyone who wants to do less in a car needs this bike! We have been cyclists for years and making the switch to an electric bike was a great choice. It rides smoothly, has great tires and is very sturdy.


We have the electric Boda Boda with the monkey bars, bamboo deck, seat pillow and one of the baguette bags. We are planning to get another baguette bag for easier shopping and possibly fitting a small basket in the rear of the monkey bars (since we only transport one kid  - but there is definitely space for two).


Marie Vander Kloet


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