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20.08.2019 Basil Hundekurv Buddy til bagasjebrett Kurv + gitter + pute + feste

Hei, Er så fornøyd med min katte kurv! Den sitter stødig på min sykkel. Min Perser sitter komfortabelt og kan se ut uten noen problemer. Han føler seg trygg og nyter turen når vi er på tur! Anbefales!

26.07.2019 Electra Commute Go Elsykkel Lavt innsteg

Overall, I had a very positive experience buying a bicycle at Sykkel Pikene in Grünerløkka. Frode and Laila were absolutely wonderful as well as patient as I went through the process of making the decision on whether or not to purchase a manual or electric bicycle. They are customer focused, friendly and had no hesitations in letting my test drive both bicycles several times. Initially, I purchased the Electra Amsterdam Royal 8i which is a beautiful bike. However, I found it a bit too heavy here in Norway where you inevitably have hills to climb so I regretted the purchase. Luckily, Sykkelpikene had no issues and let me swap the bicycle to the Townie Commute Go! I love my Townie Commute Go! Feels great knowing I made the right decision and will be getting the most usage out if this bike. It is easy to use and manoeuvre and with the help of the el-feature, I can go anywhere. Moreover, its practical for long hauls as I can transport a lot of things without feeling that the bike is unsteady. I highly recommend this bike if you plan to use your bike often, climb hills with ease and want a safe & sturdy ride. :-)
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