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21.02.2020 Georgia in Dublin Regnskjørt Rainwrap

I was a little surprised to like this product, it seems like a strange idea but it does work! I love that its so fast and easy to take off and put on compared to rain pants. It covers down over the knee, but not the entire leg while you ride. On a very stormy day this would not provide full coverage of rain pants, but for a little rain its great to keep your legs dry. I also like that it can be rolled up very small and stored on your bike for "emergencies" and can also be used as a picnic blanket.

21.02.2020 Basil Sykkelkurv Portland Brown

I mounted this basket on the front of my bike. It looks great and fits lots of stuff. So far I have put a waterproof stuff sack in it, plus my other stuff to keep some things dry. I was told it will change color with age, but haven't had it long enough to report on that. Since its fork mounted, I can see it might feel awkward if you load it up too heavy, but so far no issues.

21.02.2020 Electra Loft Go Elsykkel Lavt innsteg

So happy with my new bike! Very stylish, I love the colors. Its very comfortable, I chose this bike over others because you sit very upright and the seat is comfortable. Perfect for commuting around town. I added a huge basket crate to the front and plan to add a child seat to the back. Its easy to use, has a good strong motor, and looks great. It it also a very smooth ride. Very satisfied!
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